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The advantages of  Schablonit®

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Schablonit®, a German quality product is the ideal template foil for your individual measurements, especially for furbishing hand-crafted one-offs. Our transparent hard foil is ideally suited for rounded and/or spiralled workpieces, as e.g.:transparent

  • ideal for raw outlines scaled 1 : 1

  • for layout drawings, counter templates and Adapters

  • optimized for determining radii and profiles

  • fabrication of mirror-imaged parts

  • smoothing of concrete formwork

  • manufacture of covers or load-carrying Frameworks

  • deployment as dab-templates

  • ideal for stencil templates

Our foils offer many benefits in comparison to other materials:

  • transparent
  • water-resistant
  • absolutely dimension-true
  • can be plotted
  • can be easily labelled
  • strong as cardboard and still tear-resistant
  • space-saving and practical, can be sent on easily as a roll
  • economical, less off-cut and multi-re-usable
  • environmentally-friendly, can be recycled

Take advantage of our world-wide direct delivery and profit from many years of experience in international specialised trade for all types of template materials.

We even supply Schablonit® by the metre.  


  • Sächsische Sandsteinwerke Pirna

  • Münsterbauverein Freiburg

  • Rocamat, Paris

  • Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden

  • Canterbury Cathedral


In addition to Schablonit®, we also supply the following:

  • template sheets in cardboard thickness; can be plotted

  • special foils for inkjet Plotters

  • plastic sheets for different applications

  • sandblasting adhesive tape


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